Ethernet adapter

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Ethernet adapter

Also called a "network interface card" (NIC), an Ethernet adapter is a card that plugs into a slot on the motherboard and enables a computer to access an Ethernet network (LAN). In the past, desktop computers always used cards. Today, Ethernet cards (NICs) are generally only used in servers and high-end workstations, because Ethernet circuitry is built onto the motherboard of every desktop and laptop computer (see teaming NICs).

Adding Ethernet to Old Machines
All new computers have Ethernet built in, but old desktop computers can be retrofitted with an adapter that plugs into an available PCI slot. A USB-based Ethernet adapter can retrofit both laptop and desktop, and very old non-USB laptops can also be updated (see PC Card). See Ethernet, LAN, Wi-Fi and auto negotiate.
Type of         Supported SpeedsAdapter     10 Mbps  100 Mbps  1 Gbps

  10/100        *        *

  10/100/1000   *        *         *

Ethernet Connections
The computer's Ethernet port is wired to a switch or router. If there is no network, Ethernet connects directly to a modem for Internet access. See RJ-45, Ethernet switch, wireless router, cable modem and DSL modem.
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The UPA (Universal Powerline Association)-based 'Powerline' HD Plus Ethernet Adapter Kit is based on a plug-in design and push-button data encryption, and provides privacy and security for a trouble-free set-up, Jawed said .
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AUSTIN, Texas -- NetEffect, the leader in high performance, low power Ethernet connectivity solutions, today announced it will demonstrate its new, record-setting family of Ethernet adapters at Interop Las Vegas, May 20 - 25.
According to the company its product is the first Ethernet adapter to break the 33MHz barrier, providing a 66MHz host PCI connection that allows latency-sensitive packets to communicate with the host server in half the normal time.
For more information on dataMate's ExpressCard Gigabit Ethernet Adapter, or any of dataMate's XFP, SFP, or high speed over copper data transfer solutions, please contact: dataMate Products, 7401 West Wilson Ave, Chicago, IL 60706.
3]s 200 Mbps powerline communications technology has been selected for use in the recently announced 200 Mbps Powerline Ethernet Adapter (DHP-300) and Kit (DHP-301) from D-Link, the end-to-end computer networking solutions provider for consumers and business.
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NetEffect, the industry leader in low-latency and high-performance Ethernet channel adapters, today announced that interoperability testing with Fulcrum Microsystems showed NetEffect's NE010x iWARP Ethernet channel adapter (ECA) achieving the highest throughput and lowest latency of any Ethernet adapter on the market today.