Ethnic Community

Ethnic Community


(also ethnos; Russian, etnicheskaia obshchnost’ and etnos), a stable grouping of people that has developed historically, such as a tribe, a nationality, or a nation.

The principal conditions for the emergence of an ethnic community—a common territory and language—are at the same time the community’s main characteristics. Ethnic communities frequently are formed from elements that speak different languages; many nations of America are examples. Factors that may play a secondary role in the formation of an ethnic community are a common religion, the racial similarity of the people who make up the community, and the presence of considerable numbers of mestizo groups. The features of material and nonmaterial culture, everyday life, and group psychology that are characteristic of ethnic communities take shape in the course of ethnic group formation and are influenced by such factors as the specific nature of economic activity in particular natural conditions.

The members of an ethnic community share a common sense of identity, in which the notion of a common origin plays an important role. A common self-designation constitutes an outward manifestation of this sense of identity. A completely formed ethnic community is a social organism that reproduces itself primarily through ethnically homogeneous marriages and the transmission of, for example, language, culture, traditions, and ethnic orientation from generation to generation.

Ethnic communities, which are subject to change in the course of such ethnic processes as consolidation and assimilation, strive to establish their own social and territorial organization in order to achieve a more stable existence; in class society this entity is the state.


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The NCIC has threatened to move to court to have a controversial motion passed by Kiambu MCAs requiring 70 per cent of the dominant ethnic community employed by companies operating in the region struck out.
Some of the reactions read that this law was created to promote the status of only one ethnic community, contrary to the statements presented by PM Zoran Zaev that this law is devoted to all ethnic communities.
Eligible organisations such as seniors clubs, ethnic community groups, migrant resource centres, neighbourhood houses, aged care facilities and local councils are invited to apply for funding up to $5000 or $10,000 for complex projects.
Dutta argues that we can no longer simply view a writer as an oinsidero or ooutsidero of an ethnic community; cultural boundaries have become so fluid that the authorAEs relationship to an ethnic community is no long one-to-one.
COM: "If I read one more article about marketing to a specific ethnic community, I think I'm going to lose it.
SIR - It is with shock and mortification that members of the ethnic community in Wales who are involved in the politics and good governance of the National Assembly received the news that the second Plaid Cymru Member for South East Wales in the Assembly has crossed over to the Conservatives.
Rupesh Masani, a member of the Ethnic Community Group, has been involved in a number of projects, including the creation of free legal advice "drop-in" clinics for the Somali, Sikh and Muslim communities.
An anti-smoking pilot project aimed at reaching these ethnic community has been under way funded by the Assembly-backed Stop Smoking Wales.
MEMBERS of Middlesbrough's black and minority ethnic community will be showcasing their skills during a football tournament.
This event was a great opportunity to share ideas and look at ways of improving services for the black minority and ethnic community in the local area.
Sort of a morning-after "Wedding Crashers" with lame slapstick but good insight into arrested male development, "Samoan Wedding" also, almost offhandedly, paints a portrait of a vibrant ethnic community that -- at least outside of New Zealand -- has rarely been shown.
Hawala comprises one type of the informal value transfer system (IVTS) used mostly by members of an ethnic community to send money around the world.