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The Argives had arrived with the crew of the Paralos, who had then been ordered by the Four Hundred to sail around Euboea on a troop-carrier.
John the Russian in Neo Prokopi (New Prokopi) on the island of Euboea in Greece, a popular site for pilgrimage.
He made his home on the island of Euboea, where the family had owned land for decades, having to fight through the Greek courts in the mid-1970s to keep ownership after the Colonels' demise.
Extraction and identification of natural antioxidant from Sideritis euboea (mountain tea).
The island is east of mainland Greece, northeast of the island of Euboea.
Which of these is not a Greek island - Euboea, Ithaca, Kos, Mykonos, Sardinia?
Hall shows he can keep an even hand on the tiller, even through treacherous seas, in his crisp and clear evaluation of the Spartan "mirage," and his presentation of the archaeological material from the important "Dark Age" site of Lefkandi in Euboea is admirably clear.
In which sea are the islands of Euboea, Limnos and Kos?
2) The fortified city commanded the island of Euboea in the Aegean Sea and was one of
153-82) present data (including color plates of thin-sections) supporting two possible scenarios for the loading of the two types they could geographically source: six tons of blue schist were loaded in Euboea, and then about 1.
Old-world Locris was comprised of two discontinuous territories on the Greek mainland, stretching from Euboea to the Corinthian gulf.