Eugene Dubois

Dubois, Eugene


Born Jan. 28, 1858, in Eisden; died Dec. 16, 1940, in Halen. Dutch anthropoligist; educated as a military physician.

In 1890-92, Dubois discovered the skeletal remains of a fossil ancestor of man (Java ape-man) on the island of Java and named him Pithecanthropus erectus. His discovery played an important role in consolidating the theory of evolution.


Pithecanthropus erectus. Batavia, 1894.
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The fossilised shells had been collected over a 100 years ago by Eugene Dubois, the discoverer of H.
Desde que Eugene Dubois encontro a finales del siglo XIX en Trinil (isla de Java) un craneo parcial asociado a algunos huesos de las extremidades inferiores de un antepasado de los humanos actuales, no hemos parado de encontrar eslabones perdidos.
The first Homo erectus in Asia was discovered in Indonesia in around 1888 when Eugene Dubois discovered femurs, teeth and other skeletal remains dating back 400,000 to 800,000 years.