Eugène Ysaye

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Ysaye, Eugène


Born July 16, 1858, in Liège; died May 12, 1931, in Brussels. Belgian violinist and composer.

Ysaye studied under H. Vieuxtemps and H. Wieniawski. From 1879 to 1883 he was the concertmaster of the symphonic orchestra of B. Bilse in Berlin. He was greatly influenced by A. G. Rubinstein, with whom he toured Norway and Sweden in 1881. Ysaye made a concert tour of Russia in 1882 and 1883, performing there almost annually until 1912. He became a professor at the Brussels Conservatory in 1886. He founded a string quartet and the symphonic society Ysaye Concerts and served as their conductor from 1894. Ysaye was well-known for his interpretations of classical works and of contemporary French and Belgian music. He wrote compositions for violin (including six sonatas for solo violin) and the opera Peter the Miner (premiere 1927). He also did musical transcription and editing. The Eugene Ysaye International Competitions for violinists (1937) and pianists (1938) were held in Brussels.


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At the same venue, Momcilo Kufojanakis and Vesna Angelova-Hristova staged a violin and piano concert, performing works by Johannes Brahms, Ludwig van Beethoven, Charles-Camille Saint-Saens and Eugene Ysaye.
The violinist's discography is extensive and includes the Complete Sonatas for Violin by Eugene Ysaye for Hook Records, which was released in late 2015.
In the first paper, "Resources in New York and Belgium Related to Eugene Ysaye", Ray Iwazumi (The Juilliard School) gave an overview of the eight different repositories, in Belgium and in the United States, where he was able to find a diversity of archival resources about Eugene Ysaye which shed light on his varied career.
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The first is on Monday at King Edward VI School where Rimma will be joined by a fellow conservatoire tutor, pianist Robert Markham, for a recital of music by Bach, Elgar and the Belgian composer Eugene Ysaye.
The Queen Elisabeth International Music Competition of Belgium can trace its origins back to the Eugene Ysaye Competition, named for the famous violinist and founded in 1937.
Franck la escribio para su amigo Eugene Ysaye, mientras Elgar la compuso para una joven violinista llamada Maria Joshua, probablemente la musa de sus ultimos anos.
1886 Recibe un reconocimiento el violinista Eugene Ysaye, en la ciudad de Bruselas.
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