Ulchi Mundok

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Ulchi Mundok


Born second half of the sixth century; died first half of the seventh century. Military leader of the Koguryo state and organizer of a victory over the Chinese invaders.

In 612 the Sui emperor Yang Kuang (Yang-ti) equipped an army of several million men and launched a campaign against Koguryo. The Korean troops, led by Ulchi Mundok, won a series of victories over the enemy, which was lured, through skillful maneuvering, into the interior as far as Pyongyang. The Sui army, now without food, was forced to retreat and was destroyed while crossing the Salsu (now the Chongchon) River.


Istoriia Korei, vol. 1. Moscow, 1960. Pages 71–74. (Translated from Korean.)
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In 612, he took an army reported to be more than a million men strong into tiny Goguryeo, where Eulji Mundeok made his stand at the capital city Pyongyang.