Eumenes II

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Eumenes II,

fl. 2d cent. B.C., son of Attalus I, king of PergamumPergamum
, ancient city of NW Asia Minor, in Mysia (modern Turkey), in the fertile valley of the Caicus. It became important c.300 B.C., after the breakup of the Macedonian empire, when a Greek family (the Attalids) established a brilliant center of Hellenistic civilization.
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 (197–159 B.C.). He managed to expand the wealth and prestige of his state by maintaining an allegiance with Rome for much of his reign. For his assistance in the Roman victory over Antiochus IIIAntiochus III
(Antiochus the Great), d. 187 B.C., king of Syria (223–187 B.C.), son of Seleucus II and younger brother of Seleucus III, whom he succeeded. At his accession the Seleucid empire was in decline.
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 of Syria, he received all of Antiochus's possessions as far as Taurus. He fell out of favor, however, during the Roman war with Macedonia, because he was suspected of plotting with the enemy. Only his death prevented a war between Pergamum and Rome. A vigorous ruler and an adept politician, Eumenes II helped make Pergamum an important cultural center, which included a library that was second only to that of Alexandria.
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He denounced the Romans for their pursuit of a Roman advantage (to sympheron) instead of justice (to dikaion), examples of which regard the king Eumenes II, the Achaean politician Callicrates and his opponents, Demetrius I, Ptolemy VI and his brother and rival Ptolemy VIII.
64] And Aristophanes[65] was arrested and imprisoned when it was learned that he planned to leave the Mouseion for the court of a rival king, Eumenes II.
Eumenes II was the aforementioned King of Pergamum, which housed a rival library.