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see YevpatoriyaYevpatoriya
, city (1989 pop. 109,000), E Crimea. From 1954 part of Ukraine (then the Ukrainian SSR), it passed to Russian control in 2014 after the occupation and annexation of Crimea. Yevpatoriya is a Black Sea port, a rail hub, and a vacation and health resort.
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, Ukraine.
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The messages transmission is planning to be executed in December 2012 with the help of RТ-70 radio telescope in Eupatoria (Ukrine).
Primula veris, Polygala comosa, Carlina vulgaris, Agrimonia eupatoria.
caerulea communities with dry forest edge species of Trifolio-Geranietea covered small patches in dry, sunny sites along the forest-grassland edges and often contained several forest edge species such as Agrimonia eupatoria, Trifolium medium, Origanum vulgare, Melampyrum nemorosum, Solidago virgaurea.
Trifolium medium and Agrimonia eupatoria were often accompanied by C.
The activity of an extract and fraction of Agrimonia eupatoria L.
Some 700 passengers of various ranks (colonels were ten-a-penny) were dispatched to Saki, a Soviet naval air force base on the west coast of the Crimea near Eupatoria, a Czarist health resort, in twenty-five assorted four-engined aircraft.
Gwasg Maes Onn, 1995 ceir yr wybodaeth a ganlyn: Agrimonio - pilen; eupatoria - Eupator, brenin Pontus.
Llysiau'r dryw (Agrimonia eupatoria, agrimony) oedd un arall o'r cynhwysion.