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It will provide a tool to further strengthen bilateral relations between Pakistan and European Union with a focused approach on education and human resource
Both Russia and European Union are part of the WTO, which pertains to the fact that both countries are open to free trade.
The Estonians see themselves as not only exposed, but also the most likely member of the European Union and NATO - along with Latvia and Lithuania - to face a serious crisis requiring a military response.
The European Economic Community continued to develop until it became the European Union in 1993.
He noted that the directive reflects the thinking of the European Commission that there is no role for collateralization within the European Union.
Lastly, the Commission's efforts in favor of a free European capital market would be deemed more convincing by the eastern new member states if such efforts were accompanied by stronger efforts to overcome the asymmetry, still prevailing in the European Union, between free capital movements and the freedom of labor movements.
The European Union agreed to stop investigations into the products with an eye to imposing safeguard import curbs.
Officials at the European Union refused to confirm Buttiglione after the comments came to light.
EU foreign ministers endorsed the deal, authorizing the European Union and United States to share passenger data such as names, addresses, credit card and phone numbers, and e-mail information, which will be transferred to the destination country before departure.
I often remark to my audiences and my colleagues that I never thought as Secretary of State that I would be working this closely with the European Union.
In late February, Lamy paid a visit to Washington to meet with senior members of Congress and delivered an audacious demand: If Congress did not eliminate a large tax break for American exporters by March 1, the European Union would slap $4 billion in retaliatory trade sanctions against the United States.
It's a typical European Union compromise which gives and takes a little from everyone and creates terrible difficulties for those who have to implement it.

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