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(yo͞otrō`pēəs), fl. 4th cent. A.D., Roman historian, a protégé of the emperors Julian and Valens. His Breviarium ab urbe condita (10 books) is a summary of Roman history.


d. 399, consul of East Roman Emperor ArcadiusArcadius
, c.377–408, Roman emperor of the East (395–408), son and successor of Theodosius I. His brother, Honorius, inherited (395) the West. Henceforth the division between the Eastern and Western empires became permanent.
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. A eunuch of the palace, he brought about the marriage (395) of Arcadius and EudoxiaEudoxia
, d. 404, Roman empress of the East (395–404), daughter of a Frankish general and wife of Arcadius. She had a great influence upon her weak husband. She helped bring about the downfall of Eutropius, to whose intrigues she owed her marriage, and the exile of St.
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 and succeeded RufinusRufinus
, d. 395, Roman statesman, minister of Theodosius I and Arcadius. After Theodosius' death (395) he virtually ruled the Eastern Empire for Arcadius, but his attempt to marry his daughter to the young emperor was thwarted by Eutropius (d. 399).
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 as chief minister. He repelled (398) an invasion of Huns and was the first eunuch to be appointed (399) consul. He was hated for his cruelty and avarice; his fall, however, was caused by the enmity of Gaïnas, the leader of the Gothic mercenaries, and Eudoxia. Although at first his life was spared through the influence of St. John Chrysostom, he was later executed.



Year of birth unknown; died circa 370. Roman historian.

Circa 367, at the behest of the emperor Valens, Eutropius wrote a concise ten-volume history of Rome, from its founding to the beginning of the reign of Valentinian I in 364. Eutropius’ work was long used as a textbook. It is of primary value in studying the period of the third and fourth centuries, which is scantily covered in other sources.


In Russian translation:
Sokrashchenie rimskoi istorii do vremen kesarei Valenta i Valentiniana. [Moscow] 1779. (Translated from Latin.)
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But she found the stock unaccountably shrunk down to the few old ones which had been well thumbed,--the Latin Dictionary and Grammar, a Delectus, a torn Eutropius, the well-worn Virgil, Aldrich's Logic, and the exasperating Euclid.
The topics include ghosts of authors past in Claudian's De Bello Gildonico; Lucan in Claudian's In Eutropium: rhetoric, paradox, and exemplarity; Eutropius, Lucan, and the ladies of elegy; and Claudian's engagement with Lucan in his historical and mythological hexameters.
Red Avenger and Eutropius had an almighty tussle in the final furlong of the mile handicap at Newcastle and the judge failed to separate them.
Eutropius mainly concern: treatment of ITE facades, exterior joinery, metalwork, carpentry, roofing insulation, electricity, heating, ventilation, plumbing, heating, ventilation and plumbing, interior work, platform screen doors , asbestos removal.
102) A series of breviary histories was published in the 360s and 370s by Aurelius Victor, Eutropius, and Festus (see Rohrbacher 2002, 42-63), with whom Ammianus placed his expansive, classicising history in rivalry (Kelly 2008, 240).
00: LLANARMON LAD (P Pickard 16-1) 1; Escape To Glory (10-1) 2; Capaill Liath (14-1) 3; Eutropius 3-1f.
The other inscription that may refer to the grain tax is a stone plaque from Oretum (Granatula) in the province of Carthaginiensis, recording the building of a horreus (clearly an error for horreum <<granary>>) in the consulship of Valentinian II and Eutropius (A.
11) On Marius Maximus as a source of the Epitome de Caesaribus and Eutropius, see Barnes 1976:261-63; Birley 1997:2724; Baldwin 1993:82; Bonamente 2003: 100 and 102.
De la Mare also argues for addition to the list "reject leaves for the beginning of a Eutropius found in the bindings of several of Gray's MSS (Balliol MSS 125, fos.
44) Tradition asserted that Abdias, bishop of Babylon, composed the work in ten books on the apostles, which was then translated from Hebrew to Greek by his student Eutropius and then into Latin by Africanus, the associate of Origen.
She knows the ancient authors well, from the obvious Livy, Plutarch, and Josephus to arcane or atypical writers such as Eutropius and Silius Italicus.
Iulius Caesar" in An Epitomie of the Liues and Manners of the Romaine Emperors (London, 1606); Eutropius, A Briefe Chronicle, trans.