Eva Braun

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Eva Braun
Eva Anna Paula Braun
BirthplaceMunich, Bavaria, German Empire
Photographer; office and lab assistant at photography studio of Heinrich Hoffmann
Known for Partner and wife of Adolf Hitler

Braun, Eva

(ā`vä broun), 1912–45, mistress and later wife of the German dictator Adolf HitlerHitler, Adolf
, 1889–1945, founder and leader of National Socialism (Nazism), and German dictator, b. Braunau in Upper Austria. Early Life

The son of Alois Hitler (1837–1903), an Austrian customs official, Adolf Hitler dropped out of high school, and
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. She was a shop assistant to a Nazi photographer, through whom she met Hitler. She entered his household in 1936, although their relationship was kept secret. She had no influence on the government. Hitler married her in the last days of his life, and she joined him in suicide.


See biography by H. B. Görtemaker (2011).

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Les apuesto que esta noche van a llorar", les dice Eva Braun mas tarde a las secretarias.
But with Eva Braun, he was a switch (having the capacity to dominate; whereas with others, he preferred to be dominated).
You would have thought Hillary had been chatting up Eva Braun.
Offered an armchair that had belonged to Eva Braun, Hitler's mistress, McCloy demurred.
Online unionist trolls have done the same to independence supporters - I have an Eva Braun thread dedicated to me, for example.
The ultimate irony, as far as Hitler and Jews go, would probably be if his longtime companion Eva Braun was in fact Jewish.
London, April 5 ( ANI ): Eva Braun, Adolf Hitler's long-term lover, who married him just hours before their they committed suicide together in his Berlin bunker, may have been a woman of semitic descent, path breaking DNA testing has found.
History books assert that with Berlin's Reich Chancellery virtually surrounded on April 30, 1945, Hitler shot himself to evade capture, while his new wife Eva Braun bit into a cyanide capsule.
Dick Harpootlian, the colorful chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party, landed himself in hot water among Republican circles after invoking Adolf Hitler's mistress, Eva Braun, when speaking about South Carolina Gov.
In the mid-1940s it was used to commit suicide by Erwin Rommel after being accused of conspiring against Hitler; Adolf Hitler's wife, Eva Braun and by Nazi leaders Joseph Goebbels, Heinrich Himmler, possibly Martin Bormann and Hermann G|ring.
Father-of-three Mr Moore-Haines, who lives in Barry, served with the 11th Hussars and entered the Fuhrerbunker shortly after Hitler and his wife, Eva Braun had committed suicide.