In Novgorod:

Evfimii I Bradatyi

Year of birth unknown; died in 1429.

Evfimii Bradatyi, a church and state notable and archbishop from 1423 to 1429, took part in a Novgorodian embassy to the Lithuanian grand duke Vytautas during the siege of the city of Porkhov by Lithuanian forces in 1428. The negotiations resulted in the siege being lifted and the Russian captives released for a ransom.

Evfimii II Viazhitskii

Year of birth unknown; died in 1458.

Evfimii Viazhitskii, a church notable and archbishop from 1429 to 1458, opposed the centralizing policy of the Muscovite grand princes and sought to strengthen the political position of Great Novgorod. His incumbency saw a great deal of new building, including the Granovitaia Palace in 1433 and the Bell Tower in 1443, as well as the decoration of church and civic structures and the restoration of ancient churches. New chronicle compilations (1432, 1448) and other works of literature were also produced during his time in office.

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Evfimii Putyatin of the Russian Imperial Navy and Kawaji Toshiakira, the Tokugawa shogunate official who signed the treaty, also participated in the ceremony.