Evgeniipetrovich Gegechkori

Gegechkori, Evgeniipetrovich


Born Jan. 20 (Feb. 1) 1881; died 1954. A Menshevik. From 1907 to 1912, Gegechkori was a member of the third State Duma from Kutaisi Province and a leader of the Social Democratic fraction. In 1917 he was a member of the Special Transcaucasian Committee of the bourgeois Provisional Government and a member of the presidium of the Tbilisi soviet. In November 1917 he was chairman of the so-called Transcaucasian Commissariat, the conciliatory government of Transcaucasia. In May 1918 he was minister of foreign affairs of the Menshevik government in Georgia. In March 1921, when the Soviet government was established in Georgia, he emigrated to France. He was a malicious enemy of Soviet power.