Evno Azef

Azef, Evno Fishelevich


Born 1869; died 1918. One of the leaders of the Socialist Revolutionary (SR) Party; a provocateur and secret collaborator with the department of police beginning in 1892.

In 1899, Azef joined the Northern Union of Socialist Revolutionaries. From 1901 he was one of the organizers of the SR Party. In 1903, Azef, in effect, led the “fighting organization” of the party; he directed the preparation of a number of terrorist acts—the murders of V. K. Pleve in 1904 and Grand Duke Sergei Aleksandrovich in 1905. In 1901 he betrayed the congress of representatives of the SR Party in Kharkov to the police and in 1905, almost the entire “fighting organization.” In 1908, on Azef s denunciation, seven members of the “fighting organization” were executed. Exposed by V. L. Burtsev in 1908, he was sentenced to death by the SR Central Committee, but he went into hiding. In 1915, during World War I, Azef was arrested in Germany as a Russian spy. He died in Berlin.

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The fickle secret informant Evno Azef (1869-1918) helped the Russian police foil a Socialist-Revolutionary plot in June when Nicholas met with his cousin King Edward VII of England in the port city Reval (Tallinn) aboard the Shtandart (the emperor's first voyage outside the skerries since the Revolution of 1905).
7) The assassination was carried out by the Battle Organisation, the terrorist wing of the Social Revolutionists, and was approved by Evno Azef, who was both head of the Battle Organisation and a secret agent of the police.
42) It was Zubatov's secret agent Evno Azef who participated in the assassination of Plehve; the name Lippanchenko was one of Azef 's aliases.