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, city (1989 pop. 109,000), E Crimea. From 1954 part of Ukraine (then the Ukrainian SSR), it passed to Russian control in 2014 after the occupation and annexation of Crimea. Yevpatoriya is a Black Sea port, a rail hub, and a vacation and health resort.
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, Ukraine.
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6 Simferopol, according to the tradition, talked with the chairman of the Committee for the sanatorium and resort complex Alexey Chernyak, and the head of the Committee on Culture and Issues of Cultural Heritage Protection Nina Permyakova conducted a lesson for students of the Middle school number 12 of Evpatoria.
Tambien sirve de ejemplo el sanatorio de Evpatoria, destinado a ninos espanoles que necesitaban algun tratamiento medico especial, y que se habia deteriorado con siderablemente durante la guerra.
Vingt-quatre heures avant la rencontre prevue aujourd'hui a Paris entre Serguei Lavrov et John Kerry, les ministres russe et americain des Affaires etrangeres, les forces russes investissent deux bases de lancement de missiles en Crimee (une a Fiolent, pres de Sebastopol, et l'autre Evpatoria, dans l'ouest de la peninsule).
Tsukerman, Ben-Tsion Iakovlevich Ettlinger and the Karaite Library from Evpatoria (Eupatoria) in Crimea.
Pictures of the Stock Exchange in Odessa, opera houses in Lemberg and Czernowitz, universities in Kiev and Kharkov, health resorts in Suuk-Su and Evpatoria, and even the Yacht Club in Nikolayev all served to allay any possible anxiety of this foreign and mysterious place.
For example, the book never mentions the existence of the equally big dishes at Evpatoria and Ussurisk belonging to the "other side" in the space race.
Electronic auction: provision of comprehensive services for keeping the checkpoints mepp armyansk, dapp perekop, mapp dzhankoy, wfp simferopol, zhdpp armyansk, zhdpp dzhankoy, mpp yalta, mpp evpatoria, mpp sevastopol, mpp feodosia, mpp kerch for the needs of the crimean branch of fgku rosgranstroy
101) Amelia Garcia Ortega, nacida en Baracaldo en 1930, vivio en la "casa" en Evpatoria y despues trabajo de enfermera en Zagorsk.
Electronic auction: acquisition of office housing for servicemen: in evpatoria of the republic of crimea: two-room apartments with a total area of 54-63 square meters.
Open competition: execution of research works on the topic: "description of the current traffic and the development of options for its development within the boundaries of the urban district of evpatoria of the republic of crimea"
Electronic auction: overhaul of the sports ground at: evpatoria, ul.