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, river, c.300 mi (480 km) long, rising in the Rila Mts., W Bulgaria, and flowing SE between the Balkans and Rhodope Mts., past Plovdiv, to Edirne, Turkey, where it turns south to enter the Aegean Sea near Enez. The Tundzha is its chief tributary.
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, river.
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I'm very pleased with this year's line-up, especially Evros Walk Water.
Waterfowl in Evros Delta showed the highest variability in abundance, followed by woodcock in mountainous woodland and species common to farmlands.
In February 2016 Greek police arrested three alleged British jihadis of Kurdish descent in Evros in northeastern Greece who may have been seeking to cross into Turkey.
Human Rights Watch said it also found new cases in which Greek border guards summarily returned migrants and asylum-seekers to Turkey across the land border at Evros.
Highlighting just one example, the High Commissioner pointed out that the risks incurred by refugees and migrants crossing the Aegean Sea from Turkey to the Greek islands were directly linked to the strengthening of border control and surveillance, including the fence at Evros, along the land border between Turkey and Greece.
On Thursday, the spokesman for Greece's pre-election caretaker government Rodolphos Moronis said they are making preparations for a possible new wave of migrants from the Evros border.
6 million euros in emergency funding to bolster existing reception operations on the islands of Lesbos, Samos and Kos and in the Turkish border region of Evros, and to help set up a new centre on the island of Chios.
Would anyone from Evros [in far northeastern Greece] know the specific documents?
Would anyone from Evros (in far north-eastern Greece) know the specific documents?
The announcement was made yesterday by Evros Technology.
We had one case where a mother and her two daughters tried to cross the Evros river and the boat sank," said Ermioni.
TABLE 1 RESPONSE RATE PER REGIONAL UNIT Regional Unit (9) Response rate (%) Regional Units of East Macedonia and Thrace Drama 0 Evros 25 Kavala 80 Xanthi 22 Rhodope 67 Regional Units of Central Macedonia Imathia 100 Thessaloniki 36 Kilkis 100 Pella 100 Pieria 100 Serres 35 Chalkidiki 33 Regional Units of West Macedonia Grevena 100 Kastoria 75 Kozani 100 Fiorina 100 Regional Units of Epirus Arta 0 Thesprotia 75 Ioannina 100 Preveza 100 Regional Units of Thessaly Karditsa 100 Larissa 100 Magnesia 100 Trikala 92 TABLE 2 PERCENTAGE CHANGE DURING THE YEAR 2011 COMPARED TO 2010 (Q4 2011) AND DURING THE FIRST HALF OF 2012 COMPARED TO THE PREVIOUS HALF (Q2 2012) IN SALES VOLUME Negative (%) No change (%) Positive (%) >75 75-51 50-26 25-1 0 1-25 26-50 51-75 >75 Q4 2011 1.