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If they deal with legal issues at all, most Lincoln biographies and general histories of the Civil War era focus on the president's suspension of the writ of habeas corpus and the resulting litigation in Ex parte Merryman, Ex parte Vallandigham, and Ex parte Milligan.
His actions brought him into personal and professional conflict with Supreme Court Chief Justice Taney, who declared Lincoln's suspension of habeas corpus illegal in Ex Parte Merryman, a decision Lincoln essentially ignored.
Those individuals will be apprehended, tried, and punished by a military commission, which is clearly contrary to the Supreme Court's holding in Ex parte Merryman.
Moreover, the ruling of the Supreme Court in Ex parte Merryman appears to make the military order unconstitutional for resident aliens who are deemed by the President to be subject to the order.
33) When the dispatched marshal was refused entrance at the fort, Taney wrote his famous opinion in Ex parte Merryman.
56) While this has only occurred once, in Ex parte Merryman, the potential for executive rejection exists.
The author covers Abraham Lincoln's actions during the American Civil War and the landmark cases Ex parte Merryman (1861) and Ex parte Milligan (1866).