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(computer science)
A unit of computer speed, equal to one floating-point arithmetic operation per second.


Floating-point operations per second.




(FLoating point Operations Per Second) The measurement of floating point calculations. For example, 100 megaFLOPS (MFLOPS) is 100 million floating point operations per second, and 100 teraFLOPS (TFLOPS) is 100 trillion FLOPS. See IOPS.
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These and other measures could lead to supercomputers that can deliver performance of over one exaflop, or 1000 petaflops, by 2020.
This lab will develop key technologies, tools and methods to power multi petaflops and exaflops machines, focusing on the scalability and resilience of those systems.
Future computers--whether major exaflops engines used to design and simulate everything from controlled fusion reactors to rapid-response medicines, to compact low-power robot brains for autonomous control of spacecraft, airplanes, automobiles, and homes, to embedded smartware in our clothes and bodies--may look less like today's microprocessors and much more like CCAs.
Key Assets from Cray Accelerate Intel's Drive to Achieve ExaFLOPS Performance
This new generation of supercomputers will be capable of achieving a performance of more than one exaflops, i.
As we enter the next generation of computing, moving from petaflops to exaflops, Red Hat and SGI are enabling some of the industry's most mission-critical and large-scale computing applications.