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An excreted substance; the feces.

What does it mean when you dream about excrement?

Excrement is waste, but it is also fertilizer and nourishment for new growth. It has a wide range of associations, partly due to its deployment in many linguistic expressions, any one of which may be the meaning of excrement in a dream. As with all dream symbols, the tone and setting of the dream indicate which meaning is appropriate.

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A WOMAN and her daughter were found guilty of leaving seriously ill ponies lying in their own excrement in a cold and wet field, the RSPCA confirmed yesterday.
Asked if he felt angry, he said: "Yes, particularly when they had human excrement in them.
She said: "The twins' cot was covered in urine and what I thought was dog excrement but it turned out to be human.
Several cats were discovered in cages where excrement and newspapers were piled so high beneath them that the animals could not stand up.
The alleged victim was walking her dog on Rodborough Common, Gloucestershire, when she exchanged words with a woman about picking up some dog excrement.
The Nilcese world, as illustrated in subsequent installations, is rich in symbolically suggestive scatological perversions: joyfully bruised cherubic boys, braid-shaped medicinal excrement cookies, grammatological pregnancies.
Heretics are imprisoned in flaming sarcophagi, corrupt clergy flail upside down in holes, flatterers wallow in sluices of pitch-black excrement.
MALICIOUS packages - one containing excrement - have been sent to pest control companies in the Midlands.
Workers were exposed to health hazards such as "bloody hair and beard nets, dried fish excrement, and exposure to a wet and cold environment.
The subject of the public contract is the provision of services consisting in the operation and maintenance of bins, racks for bags for dog excrement (PE) and ashtrays on the territory of Prague 6 in the desired range (assumption of about 1,000 pieces of trash bins, 550 pieces of racks for bags PE and 100 pieces of ashtrays).
Right way to crack down on fouling HOW can Aberconwy AM Janet Finch-Saunders complain about the tactics Conwy are using to tackle the huge problem of dog excrement on our streets yet agree that it is a huge problem?