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There is a fragmentary poem about ruins in the 10th-century Exeter Book in which the melancholy fascination with crumbled worlds seems already to be fully formed.
Juliana of Nicomedia from the Exeter Book and Fates of the Apostles and Elena: The Finding of the True Cross from the Vercelli Book.
I hesitate, as Rateliff hesitated in The History of the Hobbit (191), to make a strong connection between Gollum's "wind riddle" and the Exeter Book storm riddles or riddle (Craig Williamson presented the first three riddles of Exeter Book series as a single riddle that he solved as "Wind").
The first masterwork of wordplay is a collection of nearly one hundred riddles found in the seventh-century Exeter Book (Codex Exoniensis).
But as the Percy Folio (now in the British Library), it is recognised as one of the most significant manuscripts of early English poetry, as important in its way as Beowulf or the Exeter Book.
It is a 6m high stainless steel sculpture designed by Michael Fairfax and uses as its inspiration riddles taken from the 10th century Exeter Book - one of the earliest surviving pieces of Anglo Saxon literature.
I only hope I can now get the girls to travel with me to the Exeter book launch next month.
The paper investigates the parallels between the Old English wisdom poetry and a group of riddles contained in the Exeter Book.
Books for College Libraries, 3rd edition cites Selections of The Exeter Book.
The topics include the transmission of medical knowledge in Anglo-Saxon England, AElfric's grammatical triad, and possible instructional effects of the Exeter Book wisdom poems in a Benedictine Reform context.
Smith, `Humor in hiding: laughter between the sheets in the Exeter Book riddles'; Nina Rulon-Miller, `Sexual humor and fettered desire in Exeter Book Riddle 12'; Shari Horner, `"Why do you speak so much foolishness?
He examines closely a few discrete verse texts, most preserved in unique copies in the anthology known as the Exeter Book.