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Abnormal protrusion of the eyeball from the orbit.



protrusion of the eyeball. Exophthalmos is most commonly caused by diffuse toxic goiter. It may also be caused by a tumor in the eyeball or adjacent regions, trauma of the eyeball, thrombosis of the orbital veins, and inflammatory diseases. If pronounced, exophthalmos may be accompanied by limited mobility of the eyeball and impairment of vision. Therapy is based on the cause of the condition.

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2008) and experience significant barotrauma when brought to the surface, including severe exophthalmia (Hannah and Matteson, 2007; Hannah et al.
Five of eight black rockfish exposed to simulated capture showed severe exophthalmia immediately after rapid decompression, and one fish in this condition also displayed corneal emphysemas.
Our observations with black rockfish do not support our original contention that exophthalmia and other internal events associated with rapid decompression compromise retinal function.