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Without making any expressive movement he wrung his loosely-clasped hands till the joints cracked.
This versatile orchestra bounced from the playfulness of 'Something's Coming' and 'Tonight', with their cheeky brass interjections, to more expressive movements such as 'One Hand, One Heart', coloured by beautifully legato strings.
Music educators strive to increase student engagement and meaning making with music but how often do conversations occur in classes surrounding expressive movements and the meaning these movements have for students?
Two female dancers, sporting traditional costumes in bright green, pink and gold, demonstrated expressive movements where hand positions held special meaning.
Given that movements are pervasive and integral parts of both musical perception and production, it is essential to consider how individual flute performers can ensure that the centre of gravity is maintained while they are involved in expressive movements during performance.
We can recognize the faces of our orchestra members and the expressive movements of our maestro Larry Smith.
He forms highly expressive movements and dimensional values to communicate inner impulses and the obscurity of mythology and poetry to the viewers of his art.
His expressive movements were especially keen in this dance.
Celeste Snowber, who, by her expressive movements, brought the words of Scripture alive as they were read or sung.
A person's gestures and other expressive movements (such as handwriting) are consistent with one another.
Dancers innovatively interpreted sins through expressive movements as characters from body-builders to lap dancers.