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An instrument for determining flow properties of solids by measuring relationships between stress, strain, and time.



an instrument for measuring the flow of a viscous fluid. In the USSR, the term is applied to a type of rate-of-flow meter that measures the volume flow of a gas. The operation of such a rheometer is based on the measurement of the pressure drop across a constriction in the pipe through which the gas flows; the constriction may be in the form of an orifice or capillary tube. The pressure drop is a single-valued function of the flow rate of the gas and is measured by a differential manometer, whose scale is generally marked in units of gas flow, such as cm3/min or liters per hour (l/hr). Such rheometers are used for measuring flow rates of up to 104l/hr in industrial and laboratory installations. For example, they are used in equipment for the chlorination of water and in devices for the quantitative analysis of the composition of gases.

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A Sentmanat Extensional Rheometer (model SER-HV-A10), invented by Martin Sentmanat (30) and manufactured by Xpansion Instruments, was used to measure the tensile stress growth coefficient (transient extensional viscosity).
We found that while the extensional rheometer clearly shows the superiority of a highly branched polymer, it is not very sensitive to differences in the processability of linear polyethylenes.
As described by Sentmanat (2003, 2004), the SER unit is a dual windup extensional rheometer that has been specifically designed for use as a fixture on a variety of commercially available rotational rheometer host platforms.
The extensional rheology of the polypropylene polymers was measured using the RME extensional rheometer (Rheometric Scientific, Piscataway, NJ).
The extensional force to pull the molten multilayer sheet was measured via a rotating clamp extensional rheometer (RME, Rheometric Scientific).
For rheology, dynamic, rotational, capillary and extensional rheometers are offered.
At higher temperatures, both shear and extensional rheometers can be used.