Fritz Machlup

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Machlup, Fritz


Born Dec. 15, 1902, in Wiener Neustadt, Austria. American economist. Graduated from the University of Vienna (1923).

In 1933, Machlup emigrated to the USA, where he taught at a number of higher educational institutions. He was a professor at Princeton University in the 1960’s, and in 1965 he was elected president of the American Economic Association. He wrote on the theory of prices, monetary circulation and credit, and international trade and currency relations. In a number of his works, he adduces extensive factual material that, despite the author’s intentions, testifies to the intensifying oppression by financial capital in the USA.


The Political Economy of Monopoly: Business, Labor and Government Policies. Baltimore, 1952.
International Payments, Debts and Gold: Collected Essays. New York, 1964.
International Trade and the National Income Multiplier. New York, 1965.
In Russian translation:
Plany perestroiki mezhdunarodnoi valiutnoi sistemy. Moscow, 1966.
Proizvodstvo i rasprostranenie znanii v SShA. Moscow, 1966.