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Formula One

(F1), type of racecar used in Grand Prix automobile racingautomobile racing,
sport in which specially designed or modified automobiles race on any of various courses. Automobile racing originated in France in 1894 and appeared in the United States the following year. It is now one of the most popular spectator sports in the world.
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. Capable of speeds exceeding 230 mph (370 kph), the technologically sophisticated F1 cars are low-slung, open-wheeled, single-seat vehicles with powerful mid-engines, air foils, electronic aids, special suspensions, and large tires. They are usually smaller and more maneuverable than similar "Indy-type" racecars. Grand Prix races are usually held on special closed-circuit racetracks, although some (e.g., Monaco Grand Prix) take place on closed streets in and around cities. The design of the F1 cars and rules of F1 racing are under the control of the Paris-based Fédération International de l'Automobile (FIA). The first Grand Prix auto race was held in France in 1906, but it was not until after World War II that F1 racing was born; it soon became one of the world's most popular—and most expensive—sports.

Today's Grand Prix races feature national teams and a standard racing circuit. F1 racecars are usually made by major automobile manufacturers called constructors—Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz (Daimler), Renault, Toyota, and others—and are maintained by full-time teams. The teams are usually sponsored by large corporations, often in cooperation with an automobile company; some are sponsored solely by car companies. F1 racing was traditionally centered in Europe, but F1 Grand Prix races are now held worldwide. Since 1950 the FIA has declared an annual F1 world champion constructor and driver. Among the best-known drivers are Argentina's Juan Fangio (1950s), Britain's Jackie StewartStewart, Jackie
(John Young Stewart), 1939–, Scottish automobile race driver. He began racing in 1961 and by 1973 had won 27 world championship Grand Prix victories. A dominant force in the sport, he won three world formula one championships before retiring in late 1973.
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 (1960s–70s), America's Mario AndrettiAndretti, Mario
, 1940–, American auto racing driver, b. Italy. He is the only driver to have won the Indianapolis 500 (1969), stock racing's Daytona 500 (1967), and the international Formula One championship (1978).
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 (1978), Austria's Niki Lauda (1970s–80s), France's Alain Prost (1980s–90s), and Germany's Michael SchumacherSchumacher, Michael
, 1969–, German auto race driver, b. Hürth-Hermühlheim. Regarded as the best Formula 1 (F1) driver of his era, he debuted as a racecar driver in 1988 and within two years had become Germany's Formula Three champion.
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And his three F1 World Championship titles will be marked by a 1969 Matra MS80-Cosworth and a Tyrrell 006 of 1973.
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is a wholly- owned subsidiary of F1 World Championship Limited and acts as its agent and business manager].
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