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, fa Music
1. (in the fixed system of solmization) the note F
2. (in tonic sol-fa) the fourth degree of any major scale; subdominant




1. On drawings, abbr. for fresh air duct section.
2. Abbr. for “fire alarm.”
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For the lipase enzyme, both FAES and LAS as anionic surfactants had an adverse effect on long-term stability.
The difference in behavior between LAS and FAES may relate to the difference in the anionic strength of each surfactant.
Gonzalo Lopez Casanueva, General Manager of FAES, "With this licensing agreement, another key milestone has been achieved in FAES' strategy of licensing bilastine to first class companies and building a global presence for its H1-antihistamine.
Inspire completed the initial licensing agreement with FAES Farma in October 2006 for the exclusive rights to develop and commercialize both the oral and ophthalmic formulations of bilastine in various territories.
Francisco Quintanilla, Managing Director of FAES Farma, commented, "We are pleased to establish this partnership with Inspire, which will enable us to leverage the global opportunity for bilastine, an important compound that came from our internal research and development efforts.