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(of animals and plants) existing in a wild or uncultivated state, esp after being domestic or cultivated


2 Archaic,
Astrology associated with death


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Feral is a term used to refer to a wild animal. “Feral signs” is an older designation, similar to the term bestial signs. In traditional astrology, the Moon was also sometimes said to be feral when it was void of course.

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We estimated the percentage of habitat types within each feral hog's 95% KDE and 50% KDE using habitat coverage provided from the National Gap Analysis Program (U.
For example, because balloons float on the wind, they couldn't circle a pack of feral hogs while the hunters tried to shoot them.
She said she's been aware of the problem of feral cats for about five years, but the population near her home has "exploded" this year.
Examining ecological consequences of feral horse grazing using exclosures.
For example, Texas A&M University estimates feral hogs cause at least $52 million in agriculture losses each year in Texas
The centre has advised that, contrary to belief, regular food and neutering does not affect a feral cat's desire to catch prey.
The feral feline had its head trapped in a can of dog food
Unchecked breeding due to feeding the feral animals (dogs and cats)
He said: "Many of the feral cats either come in with kittens or are pregnant.
Inspector Scott Vanes said the cat was feral and would have died a slow and painful death had it not been discovered in time.
Nearly 100 percent of feral cats brought to shelters are killed.