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According to sources, National Telecom Commission (NTC) had laid 75 km fiber optic for FGDC in 2009.
We particularly appreciate the work of INSPIRE, FGDC, Botswana SDI initiative, South American SDI and the South African SDI and several researchers on the subject.
The development of GEO was initiated by the ASTM in 1990 and, in 1992, the FGDC joined its development.
After a few years, when digital maps were becoming somewhat commonplace, FEMA, anticipating that electronic file transfer protocol (FTP) would become the standard medium by which federal government agencies would exchange spatial data and information, worked with FGDC to devise standards for digital flood maps.
The FGDC is composed of representatives from 16 Cabinet-level positions and independent federal agencies.
standard was designed for compiling high-order project information and drew primarily from the FGDC Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata (CSDGM) standard (as well as KML for the spatial domain).
Ejemplos de estas propuestas quedan recogidos en ASCE (1983), USACE (1994), FGDC (1998) y otros muchos documentos.
Because CUGIR participates in various geospatial data clearinghouse initiatives, all data available in CUGIR must have FGDC CSDGM metadata.
Figure 2 shows that even FGDC compliant metadata was produced for the 2001 Census Cartographic Boundary Files which were provided to the GeoConnections website.
In addition NRCS, complying to the FGDC directives, is planning the development of a centralized delivery point (Soil Data Warehouse) able to provide an around the clock official source of data, including SSURGOs, and more advanced protocols for the electronic data access through the Internet (USDA, 2001c).
State agencies are encouraged to use the FGDC [Federal Geographic Data Committee] standard and to share their spatial data'.