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(Fiber-Optic Cable Intermatability Standard) Specifications for cable connectors from the TIA that define the requirements for interconnection between fiber-optic plugs and sockets. Following are some of the common FOCIS standards.

     FOCIS-1   See  SMA connector.

     FOCIS-2   See  ST connector.

     FOCIS-3   See  SC connector.

     FOCIS-4   See  FC connector.

     FOCIS-6   See  Fiber Jack.
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Reviewing the history of this remarkable band of committed people, the reader learns that on the one hand, the formation of FOCIS represented a cessation of warfare with an unrelenting hierarchical church.
The CRC is partnering with FOCIS to help ensure participants' decisions are based on factual, current data," explains CRC Senior Research Associate Betty Buss.
Established in 2007 through a gift from alumnus Eugene Applebaum, the FOCIS speaker series is a Wayne State University initiative that facilitates meaningful exchange with the world's foremost authorities on issues of global import and directly engages the local community in relevant discourse and discussion.
We are excited to share these data with the clinical and research community at FOCIS," said Juswinder Singh, Ph.
A presentation entitled "Modulation of Toll-like receptor 3 expression with antisense" was made at the 2009 Annual Meeting of FOCIS in June 2009.
a privately held biotechnology company, presented early clinical results from its PI-2301 peptide copolymer program at both the 17th Annual ENS meeting in Nice, France and at FOCIS 2008 in Boston, MA.
In the preclinical studies presented at FOCIS, our TLR antisense candidates down regulated expression of the targeted TLR and the subsequent immune responses through an antisense mechanism of action.
In June 2008, the Company made a presentation entitled "Oligoribonucleotides Containing Arabinonucleosides Act as Potent Agonists of Toll-like Receptors 7 and 8" at the FOCIS 2008 Annual Meeting.
SAN DIEGO, June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- The Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies (FOCIS) has taken on the role of connecting multiple disease specific, genetic consortia under the FOCIS Network of Consortia in an effort to uncover the genetic basis of autoimmunity.
The weight of Klein's message is likely to hit home with the FOCIS 2006 audience.
And while physicians who specialize in any of these diseases have likely attended a conference where the latest research findings are discussed, the FOCIS approach to education about these conditions is different.
and its subsidiaries, EAI Corporation and FOCIS Associates.