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The FSF is instrumental in fighting for fans' interests.
Based in Alexandria, Virginia, the FSF is an independent, non-profit organisation which focuses on research, publishing, educating and promoting aviation safety.
Amanda Jacks of the FSF said: "We do not underestimate the sensitivities on Merseyside and have nothing but respect and compassion for those who lost loved ones at Hillsborough.
The third item concerns the important new partnership between Liberty and the FSF.
For any more information, please consult the FSF website at http://www.
The FSF is free to join, so if you're interested in getting involved email us at join@fsf.
The FSF believes the case for Safe Standing areas to be permitted is overwhelming on the grounds of:
Both the Town Supporters Club and the Supporters Trust are affiliated to the FSF and expect to be represented.
Hiatt joins IATA from the Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) where he has been President and CEO since 1 January 2013, having joined FSF in 2010 as Executive Vice President.
The FSF has constantly challenged the authorities to produce any such evidence.
Every month FSF members from all 20 Premier League clubs select their allstar elevens from the sides their teams have faced.