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field sound transmission class (FSTC)

A single-number rating of the sound insulation (provided by a partition), as measured in buildings in accordance with an appropriate standard.
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Captain Dilawar Singh Basraon Co-founder and accountable manager of FSTC said, we have team of professional trainers who will share excellent training and experience to every aspired young pilots.
Earlier, the Director/Principal of FSTC Orozo, Obiageli Ihekwaba, stated that the 'Sit Down and Read' programme introduced in the college on her assumption of duty in 2014 contributed to successes recorded in students' performances in the 2015 examinations, which she described as unprecedented.
Higgins, who won the Jersey leg of the FSTC World Series, said: "At the end I was feeling nervous and the crowd was edgy too because they wanted Lasse to win.
FSTC is dedicated to delivering professional training experiences at the best prices to meet airline and individual training and rating goals, and we look forward to working with FlightSafety and Bombardier to support Q400 aircraft operators.
Upon arrival at the event, Erdogan was welcomed by Jameel and FSTC and 1001 Inventions Chairman Salim Al-Hassani.
Pat Mooney - the Scots chief executive of FSTC Sports Management - said: "The first year of the World Series has been a massive success.
Indias air transport industry is now in a position to grow substantially and TRU is excited to be valued and trusted by FSTC.
Pat Mooney, chief executive of World Series organisers FSTC Sports Management, said: "We promised players a special event and we won't disappoint.
The Scot also backed the new competition, organised by Stirling-based FSTC Sports Management's Pat Mooney and Rob Smylie.
Higgins, who helped set up the FSTC Sports Management World Series, said: "It can only be good to have Steve on board.