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A 421 bp fragment was amplified from the FUT1 gene.
Association between FUT1 M307 genotypes and adhesion phenotypes
The distributions of adhesion phenotypes (with adhesive and weakly adhesive phenotype grouped as positive) within each FUT1 M307 genotype are shown in Table 4.
Current methods for identifying pigs resistant to PWD and ED caused by F18ab and F18ac include: i) microscopical adhesion test, ii) colonization test (challenge the animals with virulent bacteria), iii) blood typing of the A-O(S) blood group, and iv) detecting the FUT1 polymorphism (Bosworth and Vogeli, 2002).
In our research population, the frequency of allele G at FUT1 M307 in Songliao Black (0.
El fragmento amplificado del ESR fue de 120 pb, del PRLR de 163pb, del FUT1 de 421pb y del RBP4 de 550pb.
El alelo A del FUT1 tuvo un solo sitio de restriccion quedando dos fragmentos de 328 y 93 pb y el alelo G dos sitios de restriccion generando 3 fragmentos de 241, 93 y 87 pb.
Las frecuencias del ESR, PRLR, FUT1 y RBP4 de los animales del estudio se muestran en la TABLA I.
El alelo G del gen FUT1 se encontro con mayor frecuencia en el nivel de productividad alto, al igual que el genotipo GG.
Missense mutation of FUT1 and deletion of FUT2 are responsible for Indian Bombay phenotype of ABO blood group system.
Bombay blood group 211100 FUT1 or FUT2 Para-Bombay blood group 211100 FUT1 Non-secretor blood group 182100 FUT2 Lewis-negative blood group 111100 FUT3 CDG-IIc 266265 FUCT1 CDG-IId 607091 B4GALT1 CDG-IIe 608779 COG7 CMRD 246700 SARA2 Anderson disease 607689 SARA2 CMRD with Marinesco--Sjogren syndrome 607692 SARA2 A.