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When a Lorentzian energy spectrum is transformed into 2[theta] space it remains Lorentzian, provided dE/d2[theta] is relatively constant across the profile, with a FWHM [[GAMMA].
Damage extends below the surface, and the FWHM were found to decrease exponentially with depth from maximum values of 0.
The FeL[alpha],[beta] emission bands measured with a 7 keV incident energy have a narrower FWHM values than for the spectrum measured with the 3 keV energy as shown in Fig.
E] for every channel in the spectrum, the result is convolved with a Gaussian function where fwhm varies according to the detector resolution as a function of energy (see Sec.
The intensities of the crystalline peaks were plotted as function of the azimuthal angle to obtain FWHM required for determination of crystalline orientation function ([f.
The larger the FWHM value, the greater is the distribution of specific gravities.
4] Nonstandard abbreviations: MI, myocardial infarction; SCUBE1, signal peptide, CUB domain, EGF-like 1; GDF-15, growth differentiation factor 15; ST-2, suppression of tumorigenicity 2; NT, N-terminal; BNPsp, signal peptide of prepro-B-type natriuretic peptide; STEMI, ST-elevation MI; ANPsp, signal peptide of preproANP; SPPase, signal peptide peptidase; CK, creatine kinase; LC, liquid chromatography; LTQ, linear trap quadrupole; MS, mass spectrometry; FWHM, full width at half maximum; MS/MS, tandem MS; SE, size exclusion; TFA, trifluoroacetic acid; CNP, C-type natriuretic peptide; ED50, effective displacement; BMI, body mass index.
Considering that full width at half maximum for each peak is related to the standard deviation by the expression, FWHM [approximately equal to] 2.
The small FWHM in the PL peak indicates that the nanocrystal diameters vary by about 5-10% about this value (Yu et al.
3] are the detector cell dimensions, [lambda] is the neutron wavelength and AX is the FWHM of the triangular wavelength distribution.
During the 2012 outburst, which was better observed than that in 2009, the FWHM eclipse duration gradually declined from 9.
1] (1,54060 [Angstrom])); [beta] e a FWHM corrigida do pico (002), em radianos e 8 e o angulo de Bragg do pico (002), em graus.