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(fəsäd`), exterior face or wall of a building. The term implies ordered placement of its openings and other features and thus seems inapplicable to a wall without design. Any freestanding structure may have four or more facades, designated by their orientation (e.g., north facade); a building flanked by other buildings on either side generally has only a front and a rear facade. In medieval churches the chief facade is that of the building's west end, which contains the principal entrance portals.


The main exterior face of a building, particularly one of its main sides, almost always containing an entrance and characterized by an elaboration of stylistic details.


The front of a building or a face of a building, given special architectural treatment.


The exterior face of a building which is the architectural front, sometimes distinguished from the other faces by elaboration of architectural or ornamental details.
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The report found that nearly 90 percent of the facade inspection reports in the most recent five-year filing period were either in good condition, or were in a repair and maintenance program.
Abdulmajid Karanouh is head of Innovation Design, Facades & Sustainability at Ramboll, a multi-discipline, multinational provider of engineering and consultancy services including facade engineering across different industry verticals.
The event will be positioned as a meeting place for global manufacturers and distributors of windows, doors and facades to network and develop business leads with more than 5,000 buyers of construction products.
Hossam Mahmoud, Commercial Director of Gulf Extrusions, said: "Windows, Doors & Facades Event will be a great opportunity to meet peers, potential customers and end users showing them who we are and what we do.
Other topics will be the importance of integrating the management, coordination, and sequencing of active-facade design and the costs and benefits of dynamic facades.
Finally, light pollution is not a factor as all the light emitted by the fixture is collected on the facade, no matter which direction the projectors are shooting.
This predisposition of face and facade to act--as revealed by etymology--may come as a surprise: the face--unlike arms, legs or brain--is not (maybe with the exception of lips) fashioned to perform actions, while facade is, by its very nature, a stable and static object.
The current plan for the SFE is to increase memberships and provide support to facade engineers in the region with proper training and qualifications.
According to Selkowitz, high-performance commercial building facades are comprehensive systems that incorporate daylighting, solar heat-gain control, ventilation, and space conditioning.
The reader does not get the sense of long hours watching facades in changing light, of visits to quarries, or of concern with color or materials.
The newer instrumented systems build on the strengths of both sacrificial lambs and facades.
But because of its slight turn away from frontality, we can see that it is an empty facade, spooky and hollow-eyed, with nothing back of it--as the exposed armature behind it testifies, and the piece of detached scaffolding glimpsed next to it punctuates with preternatural precision: Standing off by itself, looking as much like a ladder to nowhere as the fire escapes whose form it mimics, that detail is isolate, a nonsensical and poignant puncture, and as such it points back to all the dim particularity that makes up the facade and the photograph that contains it.