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(fəsäd`), exterior face or wall of a building. The term implies ordered placement of its openings and other features and thus seems inapplicable to a wall without design. Any freestanding structure may have four or more facades, designated by their orientation (e.g., north facade); a building flanked by other buildings on either side generally has only a front and a rear facade. In medieval churches the chief facade is that of the building's west end, which contains the principal entrance portals.


The main exterior face of a building, particularly one of its main sides, almost always containing an entrance and characterized by an elaboration of stylistic details.


The front of a building or a face of a building, given special architectural treatment.


The exterior face of a building which is the architectural front, sometimes distinguished from the other faces by elaboration of architectural or ornamental details.
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The Facade Safety Inspection Program was created under Local Law 11 in 1998 and requires owners of buildings taller than six stories to hire a construction professional to do a hands-on facade safety inspection every five years, and file a report detailing the conditions with the Department.
In Karanouh's estimation, four factors influence facades design styles in the region: image, reputation, the local identity, and politics and the economy.
Hossam Mahmoud, commercial director of Gulf Extrusions, said: "Windows, Doors and Facades Event will be a great opportunity to meet peers, potential customers and end users, showing them who we are and what we do.
The exhibition will open with The Middle East Facades Summit centered around the theme, 'innovation, efficiency, security and quality control in facade design and engineering', which will feature two distinctive keynote speeches delivered by government representatives outlining the latest updates to fire and safety codes, and offering insight on sustainability in design.
If--from the perspective of an encounter--the Face externalizes the depth of the other, then the deceitful self-creation of the mask, a conscious imposition upon the face of an "expression," which supposedly speaks from the inside, but in fact only delivers pretence, amounts to a hypocritical tactics of covering the face with a facade.
Supporting partners for this event include Centre for Window and Cladding and Society of Facade Engineering.
What follows is a summary of available high-performance building facades and some points to consider regarding these systems.
In the great domestic machines of the Renaissance an asymmetrical sequence of rooms associated with rank, namely, the progression from grand sala to smaller and more private antechambers, which culminates in a tiny but precious studiolo, came to be accommodated behind facades that appear completely symmetrical.
The technology used in sacrificial lambs and network facades is somewhat restrictive and can be a limiting factor for detection, while an instrumented system addresses many of the issues faced by both of these tools to provide an integrated intrusion detection solution.
The City Council could approve a facade improvement program as early as January, Adamick said.
In the design phase, 4th Dimensional Facade Solutions used Autodesk Inventor to create 3D Digital Prototypes of the facades.
Existing facades are with asbestos-containing facade panels and joints around windows are pcb-containing.