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A physical environment containing open space, such as parks and gardens; infrastructure, such as roads, utilities; and built structures, such as homes, schools, hospitals, and factories.


All or any portion of a building, area, or structure, including the site on which it is located, wherein specific services are provided or activities are performed.
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The comments asked the IRS to clarify the application of the no-value test, rather than defining, as proposed in the rules, what type of facility would qualify for tax-exempt-bond financing based on the recycling and the disposal processes used.
Before a facility can discharge a resident, federal law generally requires the resident and a known family member or legal representative be given 30 days notice of the discharge and the reasons on which it is based.
274(n) generally provides that any expense for food or beverages, and any item for an activity that is generally considered to constitute entertainment, amusement or recreation, or for a facility used in connection with such activity, shall not exceed 80% of the amount of such expense allowable as a deduction.
What role does the interior designer play on this facility team?
The second objective of the NCCF design team involved creating a facility that would blend into the natural surroundings of the community.
Looking to the future of the facility movement, Switzer Scholar, Stanley Irzinski, noted, "Today's rehabilitation facility is faced with a multidue of resource problems.
There must be a written agreement between the individual (or married couple) and the facility that includes certain provisions:
Although management teams at a high-volume facility may be hesitant to invest in automation due to costs, they must know that if a facility maintains steady production with machines, the company will profit in the long run.
During Charley, I was contracted by the Department of Health [Sarasota area] to establish and run a special medical needs [SMN] shelter in a former nursing facility in the Venice area.
The administrator, with the assistance of strong middle managers, must identify the mission and vision clearly, communicate it to all facility staff members and work with key stakeholders throughout the program-development process.
Builders should also recognize that there may be profit in constructing and then selling or leasing out certain types of community facility buildings at certain locations.

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