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(civil engineering)
A covering or casting of some material applied to the outer face of embankments, buildings, and other structures.
(mechanical engineering)
Machining the end of a flat rotating surface by applying a tool perpendicular to the axis of rotation in a spiral planar path.
A fine molding sand applied to the face of a mold.


A veneer of nonstructural material forming part of a wall and used as a finishing surface of a rougher or less attractive material, such as stone, terra-cotta, metal, stucco, plaster, and wood.

facing, facework

1. A veneer of nonstructural material such as stone, terra-cotta, metal, stucco, plaster, and wood used to finish the surface of a rougher or less attractive material.
2. Any material, forming a part of a wall, used as a finished surface; a revetment.
3. On thermal insulation, the protective, functional, or decorative surface applied at the outermost layer of insulation.
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Even with only facing the cope of the mold with nobake sand, the cycle time from mold to mold was too long at more than two minutes.
The above works really well in winter, but if left unprotected from the summer sun, all of those south facing windows can be an overheating disaster.
Masonite sells doors made with wood composite molded door facings, as well as the molded door facing components, throughout Europe.
The new product takes a comprehensive and specialized approach to protecting the risks of manufacturers, such as protection for product recall related expenses, worldwide products coverage that protects manufacturers facing liability from claims made or lawsuits filed overseas as well as in the United States, and expanded coverages for property and general liability.