Faröe Islands

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Faröe Islands:

see Faeroe IslandsFaeroe Islands
or Faröe Islands
, Dan. Færøerne, Faeroese Føroyar, group of volcanic islands (2015 est. pop. 49,000), 540 sq mi (1,399 sq km), Denmark, in the N Atlantic, between Iceland and the Shetland Islands.
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, Denmark.
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In the Faeroe Islands -- the only place besides Svalbard where the eclipse was total -- a blanket of clouds meant thousands of visitors missed out on the event, apart from the eerie darkness from the moon's shadow.
COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) -- A more than four century-old pilot whales drive in the Faeroe Islands is a "barbaric, psychotic frenzy" which should cease, actress and animal rights activist Pamela Anderson said Friday.
The Cold War relics, reverted to trawlers, catch thousands of young salmon en route to their feeding grounds off the Faeroes and Greenland.
One of them involves Finland, Scotland, Sweden, Norway, the Faeroes and Greenland (with EU grant aid amounting to Euro 21 million of a programme total of Euro 50 million).
But when you get one that is destined for somewhere like the Faeroes, it is more special.
The book examines processes of mobilization and official policies in welfare & gender equality in the Nordic countries, including Faeroes, Greenland and Aland.
Two victories over the Faeroes (3-1 and 8-1) and one over Malta (6-0) have given the Yugoslavs a goal differential of 17-2 from three games.
The sudden aparition of the Faeroes themselves is startling: the 18 islands jut from the sea exactly like Arizonan mesas, except that they're half-covered with water and a vivid green.
The full eclipse will only be seen in a narrow path across the northern hemisphere, and then reaching the Faeroes at 09:45 GMT (5:45 a.
Martin Rees: "There is total gulf between a few cobles off the North East coast and commercial fishers off Greenland and the Faeroes.
Faeroes, Fair Isle, Fastnet, Finisterre, Fisher, Forth and Forties?
In 2003 Nicolson and a friend took the Auk, a 42-foot wooden ketch, from Land's End in England up the west coast of Ireland, through the Hebrides to the Faeroes, a 1,500-mile trip through storm and stillness.