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1 City (1990 pop. 12,200), Jefferson co., N central Ala., an industrial suburb of Birmingham; inc. 1919. Founded (1910) by the United States Steel Corp., its steel industry has greatly declined, negatively affecting the city's economy.

2 City (1990 pop. 77,211), seat of Solano co., W Calif.; founded 1859, inc. 1903. Irrigated farming, which is extremely productive, and the raising of livestock are chief occupations. Wineries and breweries add to the economy. Nearby is Travis Air Force Base.

3 Town (1990 pop. 53,418), Fairfield co., SW Conn., on Long Island Sound; settled 1639, chartered 1947. It is chiefly residential, but there are diverse light industries. The town was settled on the site of the last battle (1637) in the Pequot War. During the Revolution much of it was burned (1777) by the British. Fairfield has several colonial historical districts as well as resort beaches and a large marina. Sacred Heart Univ. and Fairfield Univ. are there.



a city in the northeastern USA, in the state of Connecticut, on Long Island Sound; a southwestern suburb of Bridgeport. Population, 56,000 (1975). Fairfield produces aircraft, chemical products, and jewelry. The city also has light industry. Fairfield is a seaside resort.

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8220;We are excited to invite real estate agents to come together to see Fairfield Harbour,” said Larry Knapp, president of the Fairfield Harbour board of directors.
They investigated several alternatives in Westport and Fairfield before coming to a meeting of the minds with ownership at 777 Commerce Drive, who offered a repositioned building, abundant parking and competitive lease terms in a strategic location close to the proposed new Fairfield train station.
Through his tremendous dedication to the community and persistence to promote harmony within the community, he is recognized as an outstanding leader who fosters growth and quality throughout Fairfield Harbour.
5%, was mainly attributed to the growth of a number of large tenants expanding within Fairfield County, coupled with several small to midsize financial services companies relocating from Manhattan.
For more information, call Marcia Richmond, director of the Fairfield Harbour CERT committee, at (252) 633-5570.
Despite the variations in net absorption this year, every submarket in Fairfield saw availability decline from 2005.
Fairfield Harbour was recently named Community of the Year by the Community Associations Institute's North Carolina Chapter (CAI-NC), and will highlight their success at the exposition and explain to the community the great features Fairfield Harbour has to offer.
Additionally, Fairfield County's labor environment experienced improving signs, with the unemployment rate falling to 4.
8220;Pat's contributions to Fairfield Harbour have made her an asset to this community,” said Mystre' Van Horn, on-site community manager for Fairfield Harbour.
During the fourth quarter the vacancy rate for Class A office buildings in Fairfield County decreased from 17.

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