False Pregnancy

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Pregnancy, False


(also pseudopregnancy, pseudocyesis), in women, a state marked by the simulation of pregnancy (cessation of menses, enlargement of the breasts, nausea, apparent fetal movement). A psychosomatic condition, it demonstrates the influence of the mind on various organs. Most false pregnancies are observed in women who are infertile. The condition is diagnosed by obstetrical examination and negative biological test results.

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A false pregnancy is a medically recognized condition in which a nonpregnant woman's body undergoes changes as if she were pregnant.
Following a little-known 1965 article by Roberto Cantagalli, Luti dismisses the legend surrounding Antonio's birth, that he was taken from a servant mother and presented to a gullible Francesco after Bianca's false pregnancy.
If she has had them fine, leave her alone for a couple of days, but if all you are getting is hair even after the 30 days have passed chances are it was a false pregnancy.
The inquest heard Mrs Nolan-Guy was upset after false pregnancy hopes.
She struggles heroically with the accent which is even more distracting than the mad pigtails and false pregnancy bump.