maianthemum racemosum

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solomon's seal

solomon's seal

Drooping, white-yellow-green elliptical oval flowers, hanging in pairs of 2 or 3. Large broad leaves alternating on stem. Young shoots can be boiled and eaten like asparagus. Root is edible after baking in hot sun or boiling in 3 changes of water. Tea made from dried root is used for wasting diseases like tuberculosis, and diabetes, indigestion, lung problems, sleep, rheumatism, laxative, hemorrhoids, bowel problems, arthritis and to slow heavy menstrual flow. Berries not edible.
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Description: The Solomon seals are members of the lily family, and while there are numerous varieties, two of them are used medicinally: Smooth Solomon seal (Polygonaturn biflorum) and false Solomon seal (Smilacena racemas).
However, in the smooth Solomon seal, roots tend to be a bit darker, a golden-cream color, and have heavier, knobbier seals than the false Solomon seal.
In a short while, false Solomon seals, white star-shaped lilies, will be arriving.