Family Motor Coach Association

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Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA)

Address:8291 Clough Pike
Cincinnati, OH 45244

Established: 1963. Description:Organizes social activities, exchanges information, and provides benefits to members. Membership is made up of families who own, use, or live in motor homes, and those in the RV industry including recreational vehicle dealers, manufacturers, and component suppliers. Members: 120,000. Dues: $35/year (plus a one-time fee of $10).
Publications: Family Motor Coaching (monthly); free to members and $30/year for nonmembers.

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After retiring, he also enjoyed traveling with his wife in their motor home and he was a past president of the Oregon Trail Chapter of the Family Motor Coach Association.
the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society and the Family Motor Coach Association.
BULLETIN BOARD: PWLX) , the leader in power line communication products, has become a Commercial Member (#C10012) of the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA), http://www.
Toolson added, "The first of our 2004 models made their debut at the recent Family Motor Coach Association Winter Convention in Pomona, California.
Fleetwood Enterprises, one of the top RV manufacturers, has partnered with Spartan and is offering the ISS -- which is exclusive to Spartan -- on some of its 2003 American Eagle luxury line of RVs at the Family Motor Coach Association show, which opens in Perry, Ga.
In addition, he continues to serve as President of the Commercial Council for the Family Motor Coach Association ("FMCA"), on the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association ("RVIA") Board of Directors, and as Vice-Chairman of National R.
At a recent Family Motor Coach Association retail show in Georgia, we set record sales for both our Company and the event.
We experienced record setting sales at the Family Motor Coach Association Convention this July, building momentum into the third and fourth quarters," Toolson noted.
Toolson noted that the spring Family Motor Coach Association rally, in Las Cruces, N.