Fannie Mae

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Fannie Mae:

see Federal National Mortgage AssociationFederal National Mortgage Association
(FMNA), commonly known as Fannie Mae,
government-sponsored enterprise that is the largest purchaser and guarantor of home mortgages in the country. Headquartered in Washington, D.C.
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Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae)

The quasi-private corporation chartered by the US government that functions as a secondary mortgage market for private residences.
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As a multifamily small loan facilitator, Greystone will be able to provide accessibility to institutions seeking to do business directly with Fannie Mae.
Bruce Martin, executive director of the Collective Banking Group of Prince George's County in Maryland, which worked with Fannie Mae to help people buy homes, says, "Fannie Mae, under Raines' watch, has reached all-time records for homeownership in the minority community.
The report also found that Fannie Mae made a concerted effort to develop accounting policies designed to provide earnings flexibility and to minimize earnings volatility.
For more than 20 years the Enterprise Foundation and ESIC have worked to restore and stabilize urban communities through the development of affordable housing and Fannie Mae has supported our efforts with its investments," said Harvey.
While Fannie Mae is a diversity leader, there are some things the company can do to be even better.
Another key factor is Fannie Mae differs from almost a other U.
Fannie Mae representatives attended the hearing and were startled by the magnitude as well as the absurdity of some of the problems.
Vignette collaboration solutions give the Fannie Mae Foundation the tools it needs to successfully engage in discussions and share research and best practices related to community development," said Chuck Neal, senior vice president of worldwide sales and operations at Vignette.
Additionally, Fitch continues to believe that Fannie Mae is fundamentally sound, maintains significant financial flexibility and possesses several options to enhance its capital position.
Partners like Fannie Mae, share our vision of widening the scope of housing opportunities and availability for lower income families.
PMI has dedicated $100,000 and Fannie Mae has contributed $25,000 to establish a revolving fund for the rehabilitation program in the East Wheeling area.