Sidney Farber

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Farber, Sidney

(1903–73) oncologist; born in Buffalo, N.Y. He began as a pathologist at the Children's Hospital in Boston and taught at Harvard (1929). His life's work revolved around cancer therapy, research, and patient care. In 1947 he founded the Children's Cancer Research Foundation (now, in his honor, the Dana-Farber Cancer Center) and achieved the first remissions in childhood leukemia by using chemotherapy.
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The main histologic differential diagnoses are other nephropathies with foamy podocytes, such as lysosomal inhibitor toxicity and other renal lipidoses (GM1 gangliosidosis, I-cell disease, Hurler syndrome, Niemann-Pick disease, Farber disease, and infantile nephrosialidosis).
Two such childhood diseases are caused by recessive inherited mutations in the gene encoding rhAC: Farber disease, characterised by severe joint pain, inflammation and arthritis, and, a form of spinal muscular atrophy with epilepsy (SMA-PME), found in adolescents, and characterised by progressive muscle weakness.