Fast Reactor

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fast reactor

[¦fast rē′ak·tər]
A nuclear reactor in which most of the fissions are produced by fast neutrons, with little or no moderator to slow down the neutrons.

Fast Reactor


(also fast-breeder reactor), a nuclear reactor in which a chain fission reaction of nuclear fuel is effected by fast neutrons. High-energy neutrons produce a relatively high yield of fission neutrons. The absorption of some fast neutrons by nonfissionable isotopes followed by their conversion into fissionable isotopes (for example, 238U into 239Pu) results in the production of nuclear fuel (the formation of secondary fuel). (The conversion ratio may attain 1.6:1.) A breeding blanket surrounds the core in the reactor tank (see Figure 1). In a fast power reactor, the coolant (mainly liquid sodium) is heated in these blankets and emits heat to the working steam-water medium in the heat exchangers. If a sodium coolant is used, the reactor and steam-generating circuits are separated by an intermediate (also sodium) circuit in order to prevent radioactive sodium from entering the turbine circuit. Other means of heat removal can be used.

Figure 1. Cross section of the vessel of a fast reactor in the nuclear electric power plant in the city of Shevchenko

The breeding of nuclear fuel in a fast reactor makes it possible in principle to utilize all the existing uranium resources, including 238U, substantial quantities of which remain unused in reactors operating on thermal neutrons. A series of experimental fast reactors has been built in the USSR, and an electric power plant based on a fast reactor has been built in the city of Shevchenko (Kazakh SSR).


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CEFR is a fourth-generation reactor and China's first fast reactor.
With a new Obama Administration panel focusing on reprocessing and other waste issues, interest in some quarters has shifted back to fast reactors as a possible means by which to bypass concerns about the long-range storage of nuclear waste, IPFM cautions.
He also outlines how he thinks that future sodium cooled fast reactors should be designed, based on the experience gained with EBR-II.
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Lead-cooled fast reactor system (LFR): The LFR features a fast-spectrum lead or lead/bismuth eutectic liquid metal-cooled reactor and a closed fuel cycle
Lead-cooled fast reactor system (LFR)The LFR features a fast-spectrum lead or lead/bismuth eutectic liquid metal-cooled reactor and a closed fuel cycle.
The new reactor technologies--the Gas-Cooled Fast Reactor, the Sodium Fast Reactor, the Lead-Cooled Fast Reactor, the Molten Salt Reactor, the Supercritical Water Reactor, and the Very High Temperature Reactor--each have their proponents and their detractors.
The pair spent about seven minutes on their abortive search for the visitor centre before they spoke to a workman outside the entrance to the site's prototype fast reactor.
The gas-cooled fast reactor uses helium coolant directly to a gas turbine generator to produce electricity and would be a breeder reactor.
The first 'fast reactor' was started in 1962, and in 1975 the revolutionary Prototype Fast Reactor was launched
No engineer would propose a fast reactor to make tritium from lithium which is a thermal neutron absorber.
The current development of these codes is driven by the needs of the current programs, such as the Integral Fast Reactor (IFR) [13].

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