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If you are using Fast SCSI (5MB/sec to 10MB/sec maximum for narrow), one repeater can double the bus to a maximum total of 20 feet.
A: The often quoted Fast SCSI data rate of 10MB/sec is the maximum data rate.
LVD SCSI, Wide Ultra2, and Ultra3 SCSI high-speed disks may be operating with CD-ROMs, CD-R, CD-RW, tape drives, removable media, and scanners that are Fast SCSI.
For example, what would be the maximum length for a Fast SCSI interface running at 4.
The enhanced SFW35 Fast Wide SCSI is the newest addition to BiTMicro's E-Disk product line that doubles the performance of the previous SFX35 Fast SCSI, and quadruples the earlier SNX35 Normal SCSI predecessors.
Nasdaq:ADPT) announced today that its AVA-2903B Fast SCSI card has been selected by Canon Computer Systems Inc.
The card offers 10Mbytes/sec Fast SCSI performance that is up to twice as fast as the built-in Mac SCSI.