Fast Ice

fast ice

[¦fast ¦īs]
Any type of sea, river, or lake ice attached to the shore (ice foot, ice shelf), beached (shore ice), stranded in shallow water, or frozen to the bottom of shallow waters (anchor ice). Also known as landfast ice.
Sea ice generally remaining in the position where originally formed and sometimes attaining a considerable thickness; it is attached to the shore or over shoals where it may be held in position by islands, grounded icebergs, or polar ice. Also known as coastal ice; coast ice.

Fast Ice


the basic form of stationary sea ice cover. The greatest accumulations of fast ice are found in the arctic and antarctic, along the rugged coasts and between islands. It forms in the late fall and remains stationary until the beginning of summer because it is frozen to the shore; in shallow water it is fastened to the bottom as well. During the winter, fast ice usually covers bays, straits, and expanses of water for several hundred km in the East Siberian Sea, Laptev Sea, and elsewhere; the ice is 2.5 to 3 m thick, sometimes thicker. In higher latitudes, fast ice lasts for several years and may become 10 to 20 m thick.

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Emperor penguins are masters of Antarctic survival, and Weddell seals are the only air-breathing animal to make their homes under Antarctica's fast ice, or sea ice connected to the mainland.
The study uses reconstructions of ice accumulation, satellite and aircraft readings of ice thickness, and changes in elevation and ice velocity to determine how fast ice shelves melt and compare the mass lost with the amount released by the calving, or splitting, of icebergs.
The coastal morphology causes a wide fast ice zone along the northern fragmented coast with many small islands, creating the asymmetry of ice conditions with the more open southern coast.
Being this far south, and far from fast ice, I'm left wondering whether the pair will make it through to next winter.
It's a good rink here and fast ice out there," said Bennie, who has a team-high 21 goals and 44 points.
Even so, it took thousands of hours of computer time to simulate the behavior of 32,768 water molecules (much smaller than a tiny drop of water) to determine how the heat capacity, density and compressibility of water changes as it is supercooled, and to simulate how fast ice crystallized within a batch of 4,000 water molecules.
The amount of ice scouring is also affected by the length of the fast ice season, in which the ocean freezes over and stops iceberg movement.
Canada's happiness was compounded minutes later as two of the women's bobsleigh teams took the top two medals, the gold going to Kaillie Humphries in a thrilling final that saw a highly rated German team flip over on the fast ice track.
We're used to curling on nice, swinging, fast ice that Hans always produces," said British team third Ewan MacDonald.
We're used to curling on nice, swinging, fast ice that Hans has always produced in past major championships," said player Ewan MacDonald said.
The melting of sea ice - fast ice and pack ice - does not cause sea levels to rise because the ice is in the water.
Some pupils looked at how chocolate melts in the mouth, what factors affected how fast ice cubes melted and then examined why coins became shiny when cleaned with lemon juice.

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