Fat Body

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fat body

[′fat ‚bäd·ē]
(invertebrate zoology)
A nutritional reservoir of fatty tissue surrounding the viscera or forming a layer beneath the integument in the immature larval stages of many insects.
(vertebrate zoology)
A mass of adipose tissue attached to each genital gland in amphibians.

Fat Body


(1) Areolar tissue in the body of insects and some other arthropods that fills the spaces between the internal organs and underlying walls of the body. The cells of the fat body are rich in fat (hence the name). It is filled with tracheae and may be white, orange, yellow, or green. The cells of the fat body are the site where nutrients (fats, proteins, and carbohydrates) accumulate and where metabolic products (uric acid salts and so forth) accumulate and are excreted. In larvae, the fat body consists of external (parietal) and internal (visceral) lobes. This division is indistinct in adult insects.

In some luminescing insects, the fat body or a separate organ contains a luminescing substance called luciferin. In many insects, the fat body contains the so-called mycetomes—symbiontic microorganisms (bacteria, fungi) that participate in metabolism and are found in certain parts of the fat body.

(2) In amphibians, the fat body is a yellow irregularly shaped structure located above each testis that nourishes the testis and the spermatozoa developing in it.

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Vitellin and vitellogenin quantification: The vitellogenins quantification was made, on fat body samples collected at different ages (0, 1, 3, 5 and 7 days), in female pupae of controls and treated series.
NezhNPV infection was mainly observed in the midgut, fat body, epidermal, and tracheal cells, of which the fat body cells showed the most obvious pathological changes.
Uric acid, the main waste product of protein digestion for terrestrial insects, also accumulates in specialized fat body cells of termites as well as the closely related cockroach.
I felt that the stigma attached to my fat body would be projected onto the site, and I didn't want to damage it.
s body by sticking feathers, fluff and pom-poms together to make a fluffy, fat body that will sit snuggly in your egg cup.
He was absolutely wonderful to work with, always in a good humour even though it was really, really irritating sometimes to have to wear that sort of make-up and fat body suit.
Body weight and body mass index (BMI) were significantly reduced after the intervention compared with baseline, and fat body mass was significantly reduced in the cinnamon group but not in the placebo group.
OBJECTIVE: To determine (1) lean and fat body compartments, reflected by fat-free mass (FFM), appendicular skeletal muscle mass (ASMM), body cell mass (BCM), total body potassium (TBK), fat mass and percentage fat mass, and their differences between age groups in healthy, physically active subjects from 18 to 94 y of age; and (2) if the rate of decrease in any one of the parameters by age might be accelerated compared to others.
So when people look at a fat body like mine, it tells them I'm unhealthy and that this is a diseased body.
Upon opening the visceral cavity, the most notable structure is typically the large and diffuse fat body (Figure 3).