fat substitute

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fat substitute,

substance used to replace dietary fat in the manufacture of foods. Fat substitutes are made in a variety of ways, mostly by manipulating natural food products such as egg whites, whey, and oats. Fat substitutes try to mimic the texture and flavor of fat while providing fewer calories and less metabolizable fat. The dietary consequences of consuming fat substitutes are under scrutiny.
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Fat substitutes are classified as either natural or artificial.
Worst Bites" are made with the fat substitute olestra (Olean) or have more than three grams of saturated fat.
Some people believe NutraSweet officials may have wanted to avoid a long FDA review process and that they wanted to get a jump on their competition, namely Procter and Gamble's fat substitute Olestra, which is derived from sugar and edible oils and which FDA has been reviewing since June.
A consumer group that has been campaigning against olestra, a fat substitute, renewed its assault last week, saying long-term use of the product may cause cancer in thousands of consumers.
That's because this chip is made with olestra, a controversial fat substitute developed by Procter & Gamble Co.
Chapter titles here include: Challenges in the reproduction of sucrose taste with high-potency sweeteners and Food product development using Olestra as a fat substitute.
Olestra, a synthetic fat substitute made by Procter & Gamble, is another story.
P&G) and consumer groups will go before an FDA panel to haggle over the labeling of snack foods made with a fat substitute, according to an agency spokesperson.
Welcome to the brave new world of olestra, a fat substitute developed by the fine people at Procter & Gamble, best-known for its shampoo, dishwashing detergent and other delicious products.
A year ago, P&G petitioned FDA to approve Olestra, maintaining that the fat substitute, which cannot be digested and has no calories, could replace conventional fats in everything from home-baked desserts to fast-food french fries to corn chips.
Cheese makers are looking for synthesized fat substitute that would mimic fat's function in flavor development.
BUSINESS WIRE)--June 23, 1998--In response to recent questions related to the FDA's approval of the fat substitute olestra, Joseph F.