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see FaustFaust
, Faustus
, or Johann Faust
, fl. 16th cent., learned German doctor who traveled widely, performed magical feats, and died under mysterious circumstances.
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51) On arrival Faustus promises, "The Pope shall curse that Faustus came to Rome" (3.
In this way, the play text was served by a theatrical style which never attempted to psychologize Faustus or portray his ambition as symbolising the aspirations of the English Renaissance.
While books are ever present on stage in Doctor Faustus, they are singularly absent from the stage in Shakespeare's play, The Tempest, where Prospero's absent books animate the play.
The ideological and artistic 'contexts' established in the Introduction and in King's treatment of the sixteenth-century chapbook versions of Faustus also remain sometimes elusive, if highly suggestive.
Blustering and inept without Mephistophilis, any sense of tragedy for this Faustus was lost by the end of the play due to his overbearing refusal to look past his immediate desires.
In the first of these, Deborah Willis approaches Doctor Faustus from an original perspective, examining how it encapsulates early modern ideas about addiction, which differ markedly from our current medicalized theories.
Smith was making his way down to the Al Bahathri Polytrack on Flawed Genius when his Sir Michael Stoute-trained stablemate Dr Faustus lashed out and left him with a compound fracture of the tibia and fibula, and a unwanted stay in Addenbrookes Hospital.
It will be interesting to see how Redford performs in the Britannia as I fancy Sir Michael Stoute's Dr Faustus (4.
The history of Doktor Faustus criticism is in part a working out of Adorno's musical theories within the context of Mann's novel.
Honan well describes the phenomenal effect both Tamburlaine and Faustus had on the audience of the time, as well as on playwrights and poets.
Like Gertrude and Doctor Faustus, Willa Cather's Song of the Lark is a classic, which often means a book everyone knows about, but no one reads.