Federal Aviation Administration

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Federal Aviation Administration

(FAA), component of the U.S. Department of Transportation that sets standards for the air-worthiness of all civilian aircraft, inspects and licenses them, and regulates civilian and military air traffic through its air traffic control centers. It investigates air accidents and in response may establish new rules, for example, on de-icing and air-frame inspections. It also promotes the development of a national system of airports. Established as a federal agency in 1958 to regulate air commerce, it assumed many of the functions of the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB; est. as the Civil Aeronautics Authority, 1938) and the Airways Modernization Board. The agency became part of the newly formed Dept. of Transportation in 1967. In 1981–82, it took over authority for the limited regulation of domestic routes and fares from the CAB, which was abolished by 1985.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

The arm of the U.S. Department of Transportation responsible for the promotion, regulation, and safety of civil aviation and for the safe and efficient use of airspace, which is shared by civil and military aircraft.
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A) today said published reports stating that the "Federal Aviation Administration has increased surveillance of Continental Airlines' engine-maintenance program after a rash of engine failures in flight" were based on erroneous information provided by the Federal Aviation Administration.
Nine years later, the chair of the National Transportation Safety Board, reports Matthew Wald in The New York Times, "complained to the Federal Aviation Administration that it had slowed to a crawl on changes needed to prevent a similar accident.
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), historically has provided training for airport police officers.
Pilots are actually safer on the job than when they are not at work," says Nicholas Sabatini, the associate administrator for Aviation Safety at the Federal Aviation Administration.
It operates federally funded research and development centers for the Department of Defense, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Internal Revenue Service, with principal locations in Bedford, Mass.
The Maryland Aviation Administration developed the deicing plan in conjunction with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, the Maryland Department of the Environment, and the airlines serving BWI Airport.
I have long advocated for the phaseout, but it needs to be done in a manner that meets Federal Aviation Administration requirements and respects the needs of owners and operators.
Lawmakers at a House subcommittee hearing on Thursday said the Federal Aviation Administration has not done enough to address key safety issues.
New York state airports will receive a total of $48 million in federal grants from the Federal Aviation Administration.
CONTACT: Hank Price of the Federal Aviation Administration, 202-267-8521/
Christopher Garcia, CISSP, Program Director, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Cyber Security Incident Response Center (CSIRC), Federal Aviation Administration, U.

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